About us

NewPen DOO was founded in 2018 in Smederevska Palanka, Serbia, with the aim of offering something new to the market of pencils and crayons. Our products, graphite pennils and crayons made of recycled newsprint, aim primarily at protecting the environment in many ways.

The use of recycled paper instead of wood, non-toxic materials, minimal energy consumption and dominant manual labor in production, unequivocally indicate the orientation of our company towards environmental protection.

All these environmentally friendly factors are accompanied by the excellent quality of the graphite found in our pens. NewPen, as the only company in Europe that produces such pencils and crayons, wants to raise people’s awareness of the importance of nature conservation. Especially in the age in which we live, when we are surrounded by harmful influences from all sides, environmental awareness is never needed.

We strive to make a small but significant contribution to nature conservation and a better and healthier environment with our products.

A humble beginning

In January 2019 the machines arrive and then our story officially begins. Then, in fact, after months of great enthusiasm, we realize what problems we will face before we say ‘We have a product!’. The first problem was actually setting up the machines and putting them into operation. Fortunately, serious engineers came to our aid and took a little time to understand how machines work and how to put them in proper work. After only about 20 days, we managed to make the first pen, but we quickly realized that it would not be able to be serial production. First of all, because the glue used for the production of such pencils in Eastern (China and India) countries. That kind of glue is very unhealthy in product itself, and ultimately in the production as well. We were looking for an adhesive that was made according to health standards, which is not toxic for use or production, but on the other hand, that pencil has strength, and is soft enough to sharp lightly. It was certainly a big problem and we searched for a company for several months that could deliver something like that to us. We tried the products of several manufacturers and in the end we have decided to use a product of a small family company that can supply us with the glue in the required quantities. In June of the same year, we invited the same engineers who helped us put the machines into operation, to devise and make a sharpening machine for us. After a couple of months of work, that machine arrives and it has made our production so much easier and faster that we can now produce enough pencils and crayons to cover the market demands.

The future is bright

In January 2020, we visited the Paper World fair in Frankfurt, where we met Mr. Mile Stojkovski, the owner of the company Grafoteks from Skopje. He connects us with Karl Kallinger, co-owner of KALLILA Sales Innovation KG, who immediately liked our products. In March of the same year, just before the lock-down of the whole world, due to the COVID19 pandemic, we signed an agreement with Kallila, according to which they will represent us in several markets of Western Europe (Germany, the Netherlands, Austria…). Unfortunately, the situation with COVID19 slowed down our cooperation a bit, but we are in constant communication and we received great reactions from them to the samples we had sent. We hope for successful cooperation with them in the years to come. In April, we are signed some more contracts with domestic distributors and we are slowly but surely entering the Serbian market. Our pens appear in retail stores and bookstores, primarily in the south and west of Serbia. In the fall, we were launched a marketing campaign, mostly on social networks, people are learning more and more about our pens and crayons, communication with customers started to rise, so the selling network rises more and more as well. Our products are sold in a completely satisfactory quantity and for now we do not have a single negative reaction to their quality. Thanks to that campaign, some environmental and business portals find out about our products and write about us. Interest is growing and we are becoming very recognizable.



I pored dominantnog ručnog rada u proizvodnji, pronašli smo način da pravimo zavidan broj olovki i bojica dnevno.

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Our values

First of all we are a group of friends and only then a company. This means that we have set up all the differences in such way that we support each other and not restrain each other. We raise this company not because of material values, but for each other.

eco friendly from the beginning

Ecological conscience

We understand that the growth of our company will lead to new environmental challenges for which we are already making plans on how to solve them.
We do not want to be just a principle environmentally conscious company, but to essentially work on improving living conditions. Primarily in the local community in which we operate.

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Our mission

The right to choose

NewPen company was founded with the desire and idea to offer the market of pencils and crayons a unique, innovative product that will meet the daily needs of users. We are the first and for now the only company in Europe engaged in the production of pencils and crayons from recycled newsprint.

With its products, NewPen wants to offer consumers, above all, the right to choose. The right to contribute to the preservation of the environment and to change the future.

Kada uzmeš, moraš nešto i da vratiš

Društvena odgovornost

Živimo i poslujemo u malom gradu u kome nam rastu i naša deca. Društvenim radom želimo da pokažemo da kompanija nije velika samo ako zaradjuje dosta novca, već i načinom na koji se odnosi prema zajednici u kojoj posluje.

Our vision

Although we consciously went into battle with time and "windmills", and taking into account that we already had obstacles in the realization of the idea, that does not discourage us. On the contrary, we will be persistent on that path, trying to expand our offer, to raise people's awareness and to form a strong community of socially responsible people.

We believe that our products will be world wide recognizable and that when mentioning the country of Serbia and its natural resources, the first association will be the company NewPen as the main driver in preserving and protecting this beauty, but also showing that production can take place in other way.

"By doing what we like, we consider ourselves successful. I sincerely hope that for some people who have an idea, our story will seem inspiring, that they will realize their idea. Especially if that idea is closely related to a business that includes preserving the environment. "

Dragan Marković


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Njegoseva 5                              11420 Smederevska Palanka Srbija

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