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introduction to our products

We don't cut down trees

Not a tree was cut down to make pencils and color pencils.

We use paper

Recycled newsprint is the basis of each of our products.


Each pencil is made just for you.

Both environmentally friendly and high quality

Quality leads allows easy drawing and writing.

We save resources

Minimal energy consumption in production.

Sharpening and durability

Our pencils are easy to sharp, do not break and last longer.

Healthy to use

We do not use toxic materials in production.


There are small chances to buy two same pencils

if you want to become a distributor of our products in your area, please write to

Eco Pencils box 1/6

Pack of 6 eco pencils

Prva gore31

Eco Crayons

Pack of 12 crayons.

Coloring book

Eco coloring book with 6 crayons.

Piece pencils

Pack of 90 pieces for retail facilities.


Because coming up with a good idea is the hardest

The initial idea, which led to the founding of NewPen, was basically a great desire and need to produce something specific and unconventional.

After more than decade  in the service industry (internet club and Irish pub), my husband and I had the desire to try our hand at production. However, we did not want to produce something that the domestic market is oversaturated with, but we considered ideas of what it could be that we could offer in accordance with the possibilities we have. One night we watched the movie “The Odd Life of Timothy Green”, a touching story in which one of the main characters works in a pencil factory. After a few days, a documentary about a pencil factory was shown. Then it just dawned on us – no one in Serbia produces graphite pencils anymore, so we could. During the research on what the process of production of ordinary wooden pencils looks like, we learned that in China and India, pencils are also made from old newspapers and recycled paper. And there was no going back. The very idea of ​​producing something that does not exist anywhere in Europe and that the product is completely ecological and interesting has so overwhelmed us that we have been trying for weeks to find out how to do it in Serbia. While the idea was still in its infancy, we realized that in the very process of organizing this project we could not do it alone, so we invited two friends who share same environmental values ​​as us, to consider the idea and if possible to join us. That is how Bojan Vujković and Dejan Stevanović became part of our team.

NewPen is now a recognizable company on the Serbian and European market. We offer a product that is primarily intended for children, but in a certain way also addresses parents. We believe that we are a positive example of a company that offers a quality product to its customers with a good idea and creativity, at a reasonable price, and at the same time that product has a significant value in preserving the environment.

Slavica Cokic Markovic




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Ecological conscience

82000 trees are cut down each year to make 14 billion classic wooden pencils.

The pulp and paper industry uses over 40 percent of the entire industrial timber traded Worldwide.


Just one ton of recycled paper saves 24 trees from being cut down.


Our packaging is made of recycled cardboard and FSC certified.


Some of our friends

Which selflessly helped us.

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