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In Smederevska Palanka, penncils are made from recycled paper

Cirkularna ekonomija

When you hold a pen, what do you notice? Nice design, good quality, use value?

Our people are the first in Europe to produce pencils and crayons from recycled materials

Awareness of ecology and environmental conservation seems to be rising.

New Pen produces pencils from ecological materials in Palanka

Nova ekonomija

Ideas for making money by applying the principles of circular economy can be found in all areas.

Today in the newspaper tomorrow in pencils

Energetski portal

One movie encouraged a married couple from Smederevska Palanka to change their business.

Graphite pennils made of recycled paper

Eko vest

When was the last time you turned your creative thoughts on white paper with a graphite pencil …

A graphite leads in an old newspaper


He admits that he didn’t know anything about it and that the only guidelines were the desire to start production…

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The family production “New Pen” from Smederevska Palanka convinced us that pencils and crayons can also be made from newspapers.


By recycling newsprint in Smederevska Palanka, unique pencils and crayons are made, and this kind of production is unique in Europe.


Women’s entrepreneurship is expanding in Serbia thanks to its courage, perseverance and creativity.

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